We provide the OptimTalk voice communication platform

The technology for controlling, processing, automating and integrating voice communication.

Powerful system

Our solution includes a powerful media server that supports VoiceXML 2.0/2.1, CCXML, MRCPv2, SIP and other open standards.

Speech technologies

We leverage speech technologies. We have experience implementing voice synthesis, voice recognition, voice biometrics and more.

Versatile solution

The OptimTalk platform can be used for a wide range of modern solutions, separately or together with any PBX system.

Integration with IS

The platform has a large number of interfaces and protocols that can be used to integrate with third-party IS and can run on both Windows and Linux 64.

Who is OptimTalk designed for?

If you need to incorporate telephony, voice communication, or speech processing into your products and services, OptimTalk is ideal for you. The platform is suitable for:
  • Integrators and service providers in IT and telecommunications
  • Software developers and hardware manufacturers for telecommunications
  • Research organizations and universities
Pro koho je OptimTalk vhodný?

Key advantages

Rapid development

We ensure simple and quick development

Save money

Reduce development and ownership costs

Save time

Shorten your time to market


Be independent of particular service provider
Podporujeme otevřené standardy

We utilize open standards

  • VoiceXML 2.0/2.1

  • CCXML call control XML

  • MRCPv2 media resource control protocol version 2

  • SIP session initiation protocol

  • RTP real-time transport protocol

  • SRGS speech recognition grammar specification

  • SISR semantic interpretation for speech recognition

  • SSML speech synthesis markup language

  • SNMP simple network management protocol


Ready-to-use building blocks

The building blocks can be VoiceXML / CCXML fragments or simple applications communicating with databases and systems or third-party devices. You can complement them or create completely new ones.
  • Call routing
  • Call recording
  • Conference calls
  • Notifications about the course of a call
  • IVR
  • Click to call function
  • Voice messages delivery
  • Integration with radio networks
  • Telephone information line
  • + your own building blocks
Předpřipravené stavební bloky

Our platform is used by


We implemented an emergency line for the elevator communicators, including call recording and subsequent archiving of call records in their IS.


The University licensed from us OptimTalk and its SDK in order to use it in research on speech recognition and human-computer interaction.


The Thinking Head project is funded by the Australian Research Council. The University licensed OptimTalk and its SDK as a part of the project.


We provided technology and know-how for the voice part of the info line. One of the first systems in the Czech Republic using speech synthesis and recognition.


Rabobank licensed from us a Desktop Suite for internal development of voice self service applications.


OptimSys platform OptimCall with Czech speech synthesis is used in their system TouchGuard to automate emergency calls.


We provided the technology and created a prototype of a voice core using Czech speech synthesis for the product “Mobilní rozhlas” (mobile radio broadcast).


Provided technology and cooperated on the development of an emergency information and contact system with Czech speech synthesizer.


We provided software for their dispatch terminal, which is also used by SŽDC dispatchers to control railway transport in the Czech Republic.


Alctel provides voice communication solutions to corporate customers such as Banco Alfa or Canon.


Licensed our core technology to integrate into their BroadWorks telecommunication platform.

Solution types

Using state-of-the-art technology and ready-to-use building blocks, you can easily create modern applications and solutions, including voice communication, telephony and speech processing.

Information and reservation lines
Phone lines will provide you with information about traffic situation, timetables, weather forecasts, culture or sports. Thanks to the booking system, you can buy plane tickets or book a hotel. You will be able to track shipments or obtain information about goods and orders.
Solutions for call centers
Thanks to our solution, you will integrate calls with your information system. You will be able to record calls, manage call queues or distribute calls. You get IVR controlled by voice, predictive dialing or speech analytics. You can ensure quality, verify identity, or search in the calls archive.
Company telephony
Improve your current PBX systems. You will have: smart call routing, call recording, pop-up windows with caller information, click to call function, advanced voicemail, automatic call attendant, IVR, conference servers and voice message distribution. You can also integrate calls in your company with CRM systems.
Emergency communication and dispatch systems
With our solution, you will automate emergency communication. You can automatically send bulk voice messages, create conference calls and deliver voice alerts. You will have an overview of all monitored values in your phone.
Other solutions
  • Smart homes
  • Voice control of devices over a phone
  • Embedded systems
  • Specialized applications
  • Applications for security sector

We will gladly help you find the right solution

About us

We have been creating affordable and effective communication solutions built on our own products since 2004, which we will gladly modify or integrate for you. If your competetive advantage lies in unique processes, we can even develop completely new system for you.


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